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Adventurer & Scout

Hey, I'm Thomas...

I’m an adventurer, hobbyist photographer and a Scout.

My passions are Scouting, traveling, adventuring, camping, photography, electronics, computers, design and learning. You’ll often find me Scouting or traveling around in my Subaru Forester.

This blog is to record my travels and adventures for the future, and to share them with the world, to spread the joy of getting outside and doing things.

My Blog

Gilwell Training

Gilwell Training

The Rover Basic Training Course I attended was held in October 2016 at the Lones Hut, Woodhouse Activity Centre with 10 Rovers on the course. This...

Victorian Adventures

Victorian Adventures

I seem to make my way across the border into Victoria a fair bit these days, at least once or twice a year. Here's some highlights of my travel to...

Top Adventures

Here's a selection of some of the coolest adventures I've been on...

Bogong Rover Chalet 2017
Cross Country Skiing

Taking to the skies

Highlights of trips to Victoria
Victoria Trips

“By Rovering I don’t mean aimless wandering.
I mean finding your way by pleasant paths with a definite objective in view.”

Robert Baden-Powell, Rovering to Success

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