About Me

Hey there, I’m Thomas and I spend my life Scouting.

Starting from the age of 6, as a Joey, Scouting takes me on a continuing journey of life, presenting extraordinary opportunity and friendships.

Here are some things about me…

Interests: Scouting, Computers, Travel, Performing Arts, Stage Lighting, Design.

Length of Time in Scouting: 12 years (since Feb 2004)

Favorite Food: Chicken “Parmy” Parmigiana

Best “Parmy” Eaten? Toolybuc, NSW

Where I’ve traveled?:

  • Canberra, three times
  • Sydney, once
  • Brisbane, twice
  • Melbourne, three times
  • Scouts SA Headquarters, way too many times!

Where I’d love to travel?:

  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • America
  • Canada
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