GO Magazine had the astounding lesbian honor of attending the world-famous
The Dinah Sunday
(again!) this season. From April 3-7, thousands upon tens of thousands of attractive queer ladies made their particular yearly pilgrimage to Palm Springs for unbelievable lesbian occasion ever.

All you’ve have you ever heard regarding Dinah does work. You could read or see one thing and imagine its exaggerated, but—no, really—it is one of magical put on world. This is the consummate lez utopia where hot queer ladies traipse around in their bikinis, slug straight back sophisticated containers of Babe rosé, shamelessly flirt and grind, and observe first-class enjoyment.

Are you getting turned on? You should be.

Not just may be the Dinah the xxx lesbian Disneyland, it features vital queer historic value. If you do not know the history of The Dinah, throw on some beautiful reading spectacles à la fetishy class girl and obtain reading this article tea.

Jordan Paige, Daniela Gunning, And Divinity Ray Chilling By The Pool

Pic by Kingmon Creative

Mariah Hanson began her lesbian lifestyle profession in 1988 when she debuted Club Skirts, a Sunday night dancing party for San Francisco Bay location ladies. She then extended to a Saturday dancing pub, The Girl Spot, which was open for 15 years. When Hanson got a taste of lezzie lifestyle, she naturally desired to keep it heading but on a much more remarkable level; hence, The Dinah was created. It offers since been through a lot of incarnations and contains turned into an internationally applauded ultimate ladies’ weekend.

I inquired Mariah Hanson just what it feels like getting developed the Dinah and to watch into a sea of queer ladies getting the period of their own physical lives. “It is one of the most strong feelings I actually ever experienced. It’s these a privilege to present this program to the area,” Mariah informs GO. “It speaks to much more than just a party—it improves our collective self-worth. For me personally, that’s what drives me to produce it annually. To generate an environment in which ladies can feel entire, heard, and motivated.”

The Dinah ended up being called after Dinah Shore, a popular performer, TV personality, and player. She founded the Colgate-Dinah Shore Winner’s Circle, a golf contest and significant magnet for lesbian sports athletes in addition to their enthusiasts. All of us lezzies and our very own sports! That is just how Dinah Shore come to be a tongue in cheek lesbian identifier.

Okay, so you know the history. Now it’s time for GO’s epic sensuous summary with this 12 months’s event. I kept a lezzie chief’s record to give you all
a blow-by-blow reca
p on our time during the Dinah. Whether we were shaking it about dancefloor, paying attention to the wonderful performers, or drooling over hot women, I taped the whole thing in order to feel like you used to be there as well, hottie.

Thursday, April 4th—6:03 p.m.

Zara Barrie and I also reached Newark airport, newly tanned, manicured, and sporting the corresponding pink Kappa-brand sweatsuits. We stuffed all of our faces with $25 airport hamburgers without any buns (Dinah diet plan!) as a frat bro hit on you and talked about Keto. We were bursting with anticipation over coming to our favorite place on environment, but a glass of Pinot Grigio and a Lana Del Rey playlist lulled us into a deep sapphic sleep the entirety from the plane experience. We arrived in what is perhaps the most amazing airport, Palm Springs Airport (PSP). Its outside and covered in rich hand trees and gay travel adverts. A simple taxi trip towards Hyatt brought all of us to what we believed was actually the state welcome committee, nevertheless turned-out to essentially end up being only several hot lesbians hanging at the substantial Dinah banner. We toyed aided by the idea of venturing out, but we understood to
save your self all of our electricity
for the following 3 days. Goodnight Z and D.

Tuesday, April 5th—10 a.m.

First up ended up being the monday share celebration. Zara and that I dressed in all of our tamer costumes this very day: Z in a pink maxi dress and pink jelly shoes, and I also in a black skirt with a high slit and chunky black colored systems (with coordinating GO t-shirts, demonstrably).  Frequently tuesday is understandably somewhat much less congested than Saturday and Sunday, but this celebration had been jam-packed on the brim with girls. The Dinah was to an epic start.

We found up with our very own promo girls your week-end: Jelisha Pedraza and Victoria Pelham. Jelisha is actually a baby butch hailing from Sacramento, CA, covered in tattoos and offering killer party abilities. Victoria is a magnetic recherche femme mure from Los Angeles who charmed every woman which sauntered over to the GO dining table.

GO Girls Victoris & Jelisha Having A Great Time

It was Jelisha’s second time getting down on Dinah.

“this season dealing with GO Mag ended up being remarkable and enjoyable,” she says to GO. “The VIP passes by helped me feel royalty the weekend. … watching everybody else delight in by themselves, the songs, in addition to ecosystem. All round fantastic electricity that loaded the poolside was worth the burning. Not forgetting the DJs this current year had been on point with setting the vibes!”

It actually was Victoria’s first time at The Dinah. This is just what we lovingly call a Dinah Virgin.

“we felt like a bit of a cliché heading in—like Jenny walking into my personal first Dinah—because I’m starting to walk out on the dresser,” Victoria tells GO. “and that I definitely had butterflies, however it was actually a complete dream. Everybody was very welcoming that mayn’t have come at a far better time, no one helped me feel out-of-place. … There seemed to be a solidarity I’d never experienced before. Also, we fell in love with Snow Tha item and lost a shoe by pool, because I’m a modern-day Cinderella.”

We totally second that—Snow Tha Product could possibly get it. And additionally, she’s a really talented musician that a humorous and raw presence on stage and helps make an endeavor to genuinely connect to her fans.

Snow Tha Item Offers Her Love

Picture by Kingmon Creative

Sara Stone, Dinah’s cooperation supervisor, ended up being brilliant at keeping the Dinah ship sailing efficiently. She was meticulously organized, kept the sellers happy as well as on track, and went about like crazy—all while keeping a grin on her behalf face. Honestly, I never ever noticed Sara perhaps not cheerful. She is an angel.

“Dinah 2019 was actually electric,” Sara shares with GO. “the vitality given by the visitors, artisans, sponsors and vendors was palpable and that I was actually welcomed by simply smiles all weekend.”

Besides does Sara manage Dinah’s partnerships, she also has an unique standard of comprehension towards Dinah that all of us revelers simply cannot grasp.

“The privilege I have as cooperation manager is actually seeing case from the outside in, watching an instant over time discussed between queer complete strangers quickly sufficient reason for fantastic simplicity be not just friends after a week-end collectively,” Sara informs GO. “To experience really surreal and magical.”

Rose Garcia of “the actual L keyword” managed every daytime party and made all poolside women drool. Rose’s amusing banter and sensuous electricity laid the building blocks when it comes to vibe with the party. Towards the end of the week-end, In my opinion I fully fell in love with Rose. She’s the absolute most wonderful host with limitless electricity as well as the most devastatingly attractive charm level.

The GO girls and I made many friends. One of the preferences had been Kelly Van Ness, just who turned up from the Dinah together girlfriend and greatest pal. These were from area of my people—Long Island—so we had gotten along notoriously. It actually was Kelly’s first-time attending The Dinah, therefore had been absolutely nothing in short supply of renowned.

“The Dinah is definitely the holy grail of activities in my mind. Living near Ny for many of my personal person existence, I’ve never felt deprived of gay activities,” Kelly informs GO. “This but is actually far beyond your local lesbo get together. The women within Dinah are happy to get truth be told there and are generally significantly more than inclined to speak with you. Personally, it was about enjoying the organization of gay females and creating new relationships. I’m hitched, also it ended up being undoubtedly still fun for we going; you don’t have to end up being solitary to enjoy The Dinah.”

Pic by Kingmon Creative

After a wonderful day of dance, frolicking in the sun, chatting with dedicated readers, and providing the word of visit the fascinated queer ladies that dropped by our very own dining table, we had been starving. Competitive with the Hyatt’s food ended up being, it really was not attending work. We’d meal and a Kaman Iwana Lei Ya bowl (which we make reference to as a “Flaming Mermaid”) at Tropicale. Tropicale is an attractive oasis and, more to the point, the Flaming Mermaid is actually a gigantic shell filled up with 5 different kinds of rum that’s set aflame. Do not test this at your home, lezzies. The beautiful GO mag team provided this drink, however we hardly made a dent with it.

Tuesday, April 5th—11 p.m.

After dinner, sunburnt and turnt, we made our method to the epic Friday night party.

The event had been called The grayscale Ball and was held on Palm Springs Convention Center.  When it comes to comedy enthusiasts, stand-up extraordinaires Fortune Feimster and Chaunte Wayans had most of the lesbians belly-laughing. As if it wasn’t enough to have a couple of most well-known comics inside our area entertaining us, the night time was not even close to being over—Leikeli47’s overall performance would stun the group.

As much of you already know just, The Dinah is actually infamous for scouting top upcoming skill. Past artists consist of Kesha and Lady Gaga right before their huge pauses. This current year was actually exactly the same, therefore we can guarantee you that the headliners will only get bigger. We are therefore thrilled we obtain to say—about the writers and singers—”I watched them during the Dinah.”

Saturday, April 6th—10 a.m.

Then up ended up being the Saturday swimming pool party—the mama of share events. Think about the most impressive college spring season break party, however with hot lesbians much less sloppiness (but possibly the equivalent amount of cargo shorts and debauchery). Bikini clad ladies swung around buckets of Ladies while the dancing had gotten dirtier. By Saturday no one was pool-shy, and everyone was a student in, splashing about, flirting, and turning up.

Pic by Molly Adams

“This is the most readily useful day of my life!” a lovable child dyke squealed to all of us as she stopped by all of our dining table.

Saturday was actually certainly one the publications. The GO mag t-shirts went like hot desserts. There’s nothing more stunning than exploring at Dinah revelers obtaining the times during the their unique resides, displaying GO shirts, and putting around GO coastline golf balls. The songs had been moving, asses had been moving, and babes had been very splashing inside the impressive pool. It absolutely was thus energizing to see people in all of our community have the time of their particular stays in the sunshine. Nearly every queer party occurs at night, so that it ended up being an uncommon, welcomed treat to connect with your people in the sunlight!

Dinah Babes Into The Pool

Picture by Molly Adams

“in 2010, the vitality during the Dinah ended up being completely magical,” Zara informs GO. “The crowd was actually unbelievably gorgeous, the staff ended up being beyond sort, while the vibe was actually killer. Basically could have advised my younger home that a hot lesbian week-end existed, I wouldnot have been very tortured! Really, this season had been the best Dinah I’ve skilled.”

Dorian Electra, break-out pop star, set the phase ablaze making use of their high-energy overall performance.

“Performing at The Dinah ended up being this type of a phenomenal knowledge, since it is therefore unique to stay a space in which you will find such a focus of queer folx and females, together with power was electrifying!” Dorian informed GO. “As a non-binary individual, we thought extremely incorporated and welcomed by every person and the positive environment. The Dinah is really an enticing place—there isn’t any clique-y electricity and everyone just partys together. We must generate on a daily basis similar to The Dinah.”

Up after that ended up being Bri Steves. She stunned the group along with her sexy vocals. “Jealousy” should entirely be your track on the summer when you haven’t heard it but.

“I got an amazing time!” Bri says to GO. “among the best encounters I had at a meeting. It really is was a lot more celebration than concert, and I haven’t been handled better.”

Saturday, April 6th—9 p.m.

Time for an easy lodge disco nap.

Saturday, April 6th—11 p.m.

Saturday-night was the renowned Hollywood celebration, in which the one-and-only Daya sang. It is likely you learn Daya from the woman success song “remain Nevertheless, Have a look quite,” but there is plenty more in which that originated. She murdered it on stage with bop after bop, and the ambiance inside the Palm Springs Convention Center had been illuminated.

Picture by Kingmon Artistic

“The Dinah ended up being a moment in time I’ll most likely never forget during my career. It had been beyond empowering to get involved in this type of a monumental and traditional occasion in queer culture,” Daya tells GO.

There seemed to be also an excellent manner tv series of the awesomely queer garments range Stuzzo. Trend and songs and queer ladies? What even more does a lesbian demand?

There clearly was an unbelievable selfie section that included huge angel wings making use of artwork Dinah Angel. As you can imagine, that was popular. There seemed to be a celesbian studded carpeting for all those to drool more than, plus it was genuinely heartwarming to experience the assortment and skin-deep appeal of the powerful ladies in our community.

“The Saturday dancing party was perhaps one of the most amazing circumstances i have actually skilled,” Kim*, a reveler, informs GO. “i’m a generally shy person but something regarding the Dinah made me feel yourself. We danced really, thanks to the most gifted DJs and performers. Dinah is a lot like a music festival in itself, but so much more.”

Sunday, April 7th—10 a.m.

Luckily, we had been well-behaved and well-hydrated Saturday night, so we skipped towards Sunday party bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It absolutely was already teeming with hot women slurping back hair associated with puppy and taking in the hot Palm Springs sun once we came.

This celebration highlighted a lot more earth-shattering performances, so that it was actually worth every penny for those exactly who rallied should they had a little too much fun Saturday night. Keep in mind as I stated its nearly unreal exactly how many hot lesbians can get collectively in a single spot? It really is even more unreal your Dinah consistently guides a stellar, about-to-blow-up array. Sunday was actually my personal favorite day’s performances. Kiana Ledé ended up being amazing. After, there was a DJ battle and an epic twerk opposition.

Hot Hot Kiana Lede Sets The Dinah Stage Ablaze

Pic by Kingmon Creative

“Kiana Ledé the most gifted folks we have ever scheduled,” Mariah says to GO. “to own this lady regarding the phase had been very interesting. After her performance, Harlem Globetrotter Crissa Jackson revealed her just how to spin a basketball on her finger—that had been an individual highlight needless to say.”

Frankly, if a direct guy ever saw this (and then he never ever will!), I do not consider he would accept is as true; it is like the epitome for the sexiest lesbian fantasies you have ever imagined.

Sunday, April 7th—10 p.m.

Sunday night included a performance by Diiamond Royalty. It was a delightfully high energy strategy to close-out an excellent week-end.

“discover insufficient words to summarize my personal experience at Dinah,” Diiamond informs GO. “Hands down Dinah changed my entire life. It definitely lit a fire in myself that has been not truth be told there before.”

Diiamond Royalty (center) With Fiance (kept) & Friend

Picture by Kingmon Artistic

“Through the amazing females working behind the scenes to generate the function, toward varied selection of attendees from all around the planet, The Dinah 2019 energy had been wonderful,” Michelle King, The Dinah’s publicist, says to GO. “Mariah usually has actually a knack for choosing some really outstanding skill which express our range and therefore are breaking glass ceilings from inside the music society and beyond.”

Speaking of, the Dinah Dancers murdered every thing weekend. Dollars happened to be cast at these attractive women which braved the 100 amount plus climate to move it for people.

“Dinah is absolutely nothing lacking magical, and I also’m thus extremely honored that We have obtained the chance to become a part of it over the past a couple of years,” go-go dancer Scarlett Snow informs GO. “Dancing in that heat isn’t any laugh! But interacting with other LGBTQ ladies and experience that independence & really love thrive can make any level of work worth it.”

The DJs just who spun through the entire Dinah incorporated Angie V, GoodBoy, China G, lose M, Citizen Jane, Val G, Lezlee, Asha, Skylar Madison, Bella Foxx, and Alex D.

The Aftermath

The Dinah is actually, truthful for the lez gods, a life-changing knowledge that you should definitely appreciate once inside life—at minimum. It lives up to the buzz, regularly providing top-of-the-line ability and uniting the breathtaking area in a traditional and uninhibited method.

“we [used to] fantasize what it could well be will ever before have the opportunity to attend Dinah as a guest, let-alone fathom having my personal professional fantasy become a reality while I had the possibility to work for and with Mariah Hanson,” Sara tells GO. “The Dinah in my situation could be the ultimate safe space and traditional platform for queer companies and allies to encourage one another. Dinah is a residential area that isn’t merely dedicated to having a great time together but also one which supplies support, safety and healing for one another.”

“a beneficial party is actually defined of the individuals who present it,” Mariah tells GO. “I think worthwhile promoter should discuss a sense of appreciation that individuals can deliver this type of celebration to people’s lives and an awareness we are producing a feeling of neighborhood that for so many is existence modifying and/or live affirming. That recognition should be taken seriously. I bring large purpose to each and every Dinah We make, while the Dinah attendees feel it.”

For a lot of queer females, The Dinah shows something defining: either a yearly custom, that legendary bout of The L term, or a bucket list purpose. This present year, The Dinah celebrated the 29th anniversary and continues to shine as a haven for taking our fantasies to life.

In terms of the following year? Mariah states it is going to certainly end up being some thing unique.

“Expect much more of what you’ve familiar with a 30 year party flare.”